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Dealing with Negative Reviews. Digital Marketing Strategy

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Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Consequently, given that the platform is public, any review given by one of your customers on the platform may affect how your potential customers perceive your business. Websites and blogs are also effective digital marketing tools every website designer and digital marketing agency using this days.

So, you found a great website designer, made a beautiful website for your business, pouring money into paid advertising, all of that can only work in one condition - you have good online reputation.

Businesses with a strong online presence have an edge over those that do not. These too allow customers to give their views about a business and its products or services and you cannot control what people will say about your business. Here are some tips on how to deal with negative reviews.

Respond to reviews fast

The people on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media network are there almost every time and can post anything any time of the day. If you have a business profile on social media, ensure you are always available. If you are not using a digital marketing company, giving one person the role of dealing with your social media and your website may help in bringing consistency in the way complaints are handled and ensure there're no unanswered comments. If you cannot respond within the first 15 minutes, try to do it within an hour. Responding fast will improve the image of your business to the social media community.

Remain professional

Sometimes a negative comment may be because the customer is unhappy with your product or service. Respond to the client in a calm tone to demonstrate professionalism. You may request for more details with regard to their complaint to show your concern. Sometimes, you may try to reach the client through phone, email, or any other private means. Allow them to mention that the issue has been solved in public later.

Admit and apologize if it’s your fault

After establishing that you faulted your client, it will be a prudent decision to apologize. "Sorry" is one of the hardest words for some businesses on social media although it can do wonders. Taking the blame when a case is valid can show your potential customers you're humble. Whether you using a digital marketing agency, social media manager, or doing it yourself, make sure, that you always make it right.

Reputation management as a part of your digital marketing strategy

Many customers now go through online reviews before deciding to buy a product or service. Although positive comments are good for any business, lack of a negative review can make potential clients feel that they are not real. Handling negative reviews about your business professionally can help prospective buyers understand the other great side of you apart from the awesome products and services you have posted.

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