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Digital Marketing Services in NJ


Website Design 

Graphic Design (logo, label, AD, brochures, catalogues, flyers)

3D Design (displays, tradeshow booths)

Professional Photoshoots

Digital Marketing 

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Social Media Campaigns

Digital Marketing Trainings 



JKI Marketing is a Website Design Company with offices in Morristown, NJ and Tampa, FL.  We started our company to help Small Businesses in New Jersey and Florida to create their websites and to make them competitive in the digital space. 


Your website is your business card, your 24/7 salesperson who works out there while you are sleeping or going on vacation. Understanding the importance of the design and functionality of your website for consumers and business-to-business operations would help you to advance and get ahead of the competition.


We create every website using our set of marketing, SEO, photography, and graphic design skills for the best user experience and conversion rate.


From helping Small Businesses with website design in Morristown, NJ we grew into a website design and digital marketing company, who can help businesses of any level, located all over the United States, with the focus on two local areas - New Jersey and Tampa Bay. We built websites and created Digital Marketing Campaigns for companies in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California. The goal of our management is to establish good and lasting relationships with every client and help with every advice and solution for your online profile.


The owner of the company, Julia Koroleva is also a WIX Ambassador and Website Design/Digital Marketing Coach. Please, follow our Training Schedule to see when is the next available training in your area.


If you need a free evaluation or your website or online profile, please feel free to call us or fill out the Contact form.

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