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Branding Project for The Reef Swim School in New Providence, NJ

Branding services. Logo design for swim school in NJ

JKI Marketing is excited to announce the completion of a rebranding project for The Reef Swim School in New Providence, NJ. The project included a new name, logo, marketing materials, style guide, and user interface.

The goal of the rebranding was to create a more modern and playful look for The Reef Swim School, while still reflecting the school's commitment to providing high-quality swim lessons for children of all ages.

The new name, The Reef, was chosen to evoke the feeling of being in a safe and inviting water environment. The logo is a bright and colorful design that features a coral.


logo design and branding for The Reef swim school in New Jersey

The logo for The Reef Swim School is a perfect representation of the school's values. The bright colors and the coral symbolize the school's commitment to providing a fun and safe environment for children to learn to swim. The coral also symbolizes the school's goal of helping children grow and develop into confident swimmers.

Coral is a symbol of growth and life because it is constantly growing and changing. It is also a symbol of protection because it provides a home for many different marine creatures.


The marketing materials, including the website, brochures, and social media graphics, feature the new branding and messaging. The style guide provides clear guidelines for using the branding assets, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.

JKI Marketing design team created all the branding elements the swim school would possibly need for marketing campaigns, social media, print and beyond. These elements will help The Reef to stay consistent with brand values, look visually appealing, and be easily recognizable to parents in New Jersey. The goal is for the posts to stand out on social media so that people can easily identify and engage with them. We're aiming to make The Reef Swim School the most well-known swim school in New Jersey.


The new website design for The Reef Swim School by JKI Marketing is a visually engaging, fun, user-friendly experience that allows visitors to easily access all important information about the school's swim lessons, programs, and facilities. The website is optimized for search engines using the best Google optimization practices, and analytics tools to track performance.

website design services in NJ


The rebranding of The Reef Swim School is a significant milestone for the school. The new branding will help the school to attract more students and families, and to position itself as a leading swim school in the area.

JKI Marketing team is proud to have worked with The Reef Swim School on this project, and we look forward to seeing the school continue to grow and succeed.

Looking for rebranding or creating your own brand identity?

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