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How to Create a Successful Blog Post for Your Website. 5 Tips for Beginners.

Every day JKI Marketing works with Small Business Owners: we build and redesign their websites and promote them on Google and Facebook. Our goal is to create a website as a working tool - 24/7 salesman that brings new leads and essentially increases my client’s revenue.

A blog can be used as a great marketing tool, and Search Engine Optimization of your website is one of the most important benefits of a blog. Blog posts on your website can be about your company’s news and events or professional advice relevant to your business.

Here are a few ideas on writing a good blog or social media post, which will be readable for users and beneficial for Google Search Results.

Remember about short attention span

New technology era where information exchange takes minutes, if not seconds, requires short, informative, and strictly “on point” articles. Keep it short and sweet.

Just think about someone who is browsing through Facebook. If an article has a really good title, the user will check it out, and most likely it would take him/her just a couple of minutes to quickly scroll through the text. You may write a lengthy article with a serious approach, using beautiful language, but if it is too long, the formatting is off, and the introduction is too wordy, you will not the get results you could’ve got.

Keep in in mind that people usually read the sub headers and first and last sentences in each paragraph.

Catchy Header

Catchy header is a decision making point on whether to read your article or continue scrolling to other news. A good blog header often has one of the following:

Numbers (5 ideas for the beautiful website design, 7 questions you should ask your website designer before signing the contract, 3 best web design platforms).

Question (“Did you know…?”, “Do you have…?”, “Is your…?” This simple trick makes your reader interact with the text more, and brings in the curiosity and the “FOMO” (fear of missing out) moment. )

Scary, funny or surprising (or shocking) beginning. This simple trick captures attention way more than a plain statement, and is widely used by media around the world. Studies have shown that this is what people respond to, use it to your advantage.

Website Design and Website Promotion

Paragraphs and sub headers

Split your text into several parts and give each of them a sub header. It gives the reader an idea of the paragraph and an opportunity to skip it, without skipping the entire text.

Website design and Digital Marketing Agency

Engaging photos

Don’t forget about illustrations. Use a catchy one in the beginning or add a photo to each part of the text. Don’t forget about the copyrights. Subscribe for a photo stock or use your own, it will be way cheaper than to deal with a copyright lawsuit.

Optimize for the best Search Results

Along with the tags, most of the blogging platforms allow you to edit the URLs and create an ALT text for the photos. Remember to use keywords in the Headers and throughout the article. Do not overdo it though. You don’t want to increase your bounce rate because of the poorly written blog text, overfilled with the keywords but without any useful information.

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